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5 golden advices, how to create a resume

ВImportant is not only what you write about, but also how you write

Correctly - does not mean good. There must be used right words as well. When you are writing, use word combinations that are perceived correctly and positively. For example, you studied math on the average level, and it might seem like, how's it possible to say this is good?! But we can say it this way: I studied mathematics and my knowledge is firmly and precisely at an average level. The words "firmly" and "precisely" give a pretty good status to an average level. And believe, while reading your resume, such phrases are remembered and sometimes give an advantage to compare with those, who have completed a higher level.

Give expanded information

When you write about your previous job, you can simply state the fact, that you have worked in the organization and occupied certain positions there. Or you can admit, what exactly you were doing, and the weight of you resume will cost one more gold. If you have not worked and have just finished school, then write what you have learned there and on what subjects your attention was focused.

What do you know

Pay attention to the fact, that everything, even insignificant events where you were, have influenced on your qualifications, and thus, in resume it is necessary to indicate, that you were attended or taught. It is important for employers. You need tell about yourself as fully as possible. Factors, such as sports, music or other fields are helping to create awareness of who you really are.

Your photo

Here you also need to be very careful. Normally, resume without photo is considered by employers only if there is no other choice. For the employer, it is important to look at you, and then all of what you write will materialize. And as your resume begins with full name and the photo, he will read the resume through the prism of a person he saw in the photo. And so, the image should not be too strict, so as not alienate, but at the same time, the photos at your leisure, in an embrace with the family or in the workplace will also not be received positively.

If you are applying for a very important job, then it makes sense to make a special photo.

Who you want to become?

When you are composing a resume, think about the job you are looking for exactly. What do you want to achieve in your career? Because your employer must see not just a well-adjusted person, but the one, who is developing exactly in the professional field. Everything we discussed above, should serve the fifth point. And then, maybe not immediately, but you will get the desired job.

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